HIGH SCHOOL (9th through 12th Grade)

High-school students and Sunday mornings

Rather than offering a separate group or gathering for high-school students on Sunday mornings, our ministry philosophy leads us to include them in the weekly Worship Gatherings of ACTS. We challenge students to take on significant volunteer roles: playing in the band, running sound board, serving on prayer teams, or teaching/mentoring younger kids. ACTS is a great lab for faith and leadership development.

For more information, please contact Kyle Frazier: kylefrazier1955@gmail.com.

High School Small Group

High school students live daily in a growing mission field. Through relationships with mentors and peers, ACTS seeks to give students tools to share Jesus’ love within that mission field. Those relationships are formed and grow within our High School Small Group. Students dive deeper into their faith through Bible Study, sharing a meal, and having some fun. The location changes depending upon the activity.

Special Events for High Schoolers

ACTS’ high-school students experience Adventure and Sending through youth gatherings and mission trips. ACTS high-school students have, in the past, attended Glorybound (a Texas-wide youth gathering for 1,000 youth) and the National Youth Gathering (involving 25,000 participants). These events have given them the opportunity to connect, serve, and ignite their faith!