It’s an observable fact that guys live on a different planet than ladies do. When it comes to relationships and spiritual growth, ACTS Church recognizes that guys cannot be treated the same. Therefore, “Men’s Ministry” at ACTS is not so much a formal program as it is a network of overlapping friendships and activities.

+ Guys skiing or snowboarding together in Colorado.

+ A group of men sitting around a fire pit or next to a lake, perhaps with a beer in hand, talking about what’s important to them, praying together, or just ‘being there’ for each other.

+ Friends serving side by side, tackling a construction project or slow-cooking a side of beef.

+ Guys opening the Bible together and finding hope, forgiveness, and guidance for their leadership roles at work, at home, and at church.

Men’s Houseboat

The Men of ACTS are invited to take part in a monthly event called Men’s Houseboat. This brings together a group of over 50 men from all over the Austin area and represents several area churches. We meet together most months on Lake Travis (moving inland when the temperature gets cold) typically on the second Tuesday of the month. Each night includes a great meal and an opportunity to share in a supportive environment and build strong relationships. Contact Kyle Frazier to get on our contact list for Men’s Houseboat.

We have often discussed the ‘secret sauce’ of what makes ACTS’ Men’s Ministry effective. Through a series of hits and misses, we have identified the following critical ingredients. We invite you to join us in making our Christ-connection with guys even more effective.

1. Show up.

Although most events will be guy-centric locations (BBQ joints or lakeside docks or micro-breweries), the important thing here is to realize the commitment to the other guys. Sometimes you might be the one who just needs some other guys to BE there. Other times you might be the difference-maker for someone else.

2. Be present.

Speak openly and authentically. Talk about what’s real for you, not about ‘men in general’.

3. Listen without judgment.

Guys are ‘fixers’ and are often tempted to provide the solution for someone else’s challenge. Learn how to listen without offering the perfect fix.

4. Include others.

Think of the guys you know who would be encouraged by an authentic, grace-filled Community. Because of the way God has hardwired men, they are more likely to come to an event when personally invited by another man. They are less likely to show up just because their wives told them to.

To receive information on regular events, reach out to Pete Mueller:


Men's Breakfast

Friday, Vivel Crepes and Coffee