Are you great with technology? Passionate about teaching children? Want to find new ways to get involved on Sunday morning? We have several ways for you to get ‘plugged’ in here at ACTS Church Lakeway.

Please contact to learn how you can serve on Sunday mornings at ACTS Church Lakeway.

Sunday Volunteer Chart Image

First Impressions:

The Guest Hosts are responsible for greeting new guests with a friendly smile and a warm welcome so that new people will feel more comfortable. They create the first impression of what ‘ACTS Church Lakeway’ is all about.

The Cafe Hosts are responsible in providing snacks to share before and after the Worship Gathering as well as setting up the cafe/coffee station.

The Gathering Hosts are also responsible for greeting guests and ACTS families as they arrive. They also support the worship gathering by opening and closing the doors, collecting the offering and counting the offering.


The Communion Helpers are responsible for preparing and distributing the Lord’s Supper on Communion Sundays.

The Clickers are responsible for providing the congregation with the screen visuals during the Gathering. By following along with the music, readings and messages, the Clickers help people become more connected to the worship experience as well as emphasize great talking points for later.

The Sound board operators are responsible for creating the overall sound of the worship experience so that people can clearly hear all elements. From worship music, to speakers and everything in between. The sound board operators are also in charge of the recording the messages for use on the app and website.

The Prayer Partners are responsible for leading the Sunday Morning teams in prayer prior to the Worship Gathering. They are the point person for getting everyone in a leadership role focused on Christ prior to leading others to do the same.


The Nursery Volunteers are responsible for caring for the youngest children of ACTS up to age 4 during the Worship Gathering. They will always serve with one other individual and will need to arrive by 9:45 and remain in the nursery until the Gathering is finished.

The KidsQuest Leaders are responsible for providing and interactive experience for our children ages 4 years old through 4th grade. This time takes place during the message and will include a Bible lesson taught in a creative way as well as an activity to drive that morning’s point home. Lessons are provided for the leaders in advance and we will also have a student volunteer serve downstairs as well.

The Grapple Leaders are responsible for providing a relevant lesson for our 5th and 6th grade students. This will take place during the message portion of our Sunday morning Gathering and is meant to help students continue to learn the stories of the Bible, but also begin to wrestle with how these lessons apply to their everyday life.